Exercise : A tattoo


Brief : 

Design a tattoo based on the word MUM. 

Make it into a greeting card.

I started with mind mapping around the word MUM.









I then looked at different tattoos in different cultures.



I grew up in Africa and i have a preference for African Tribal esthetic.

I have decided to work on an African theme, mothers and women being very involved in

everyday life in Africa.

Mood board :

Africa - Tattoos


Exercise : Museum posters















Nature Morte

Guildhall Galleries – London – 7 September 2017 / 2 April 2018


Explore the transience of time and the problem of mortality as the 16th-century tradition of still life meets modern art .

Go beyond the two-dimensional as 100 works of art on the themes of flora, fauna, the domestic object, food and vanitas, invite you to pause and look anew at the human condition.

Featuring work by major international contemporary artists including Michael Craig-Martin and Gabriel Orozco, as well as art from London-based artists and the City’s own historic collection.





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Imagine Van Gogh


During Summer, I was lucky enough to step into the artist’s world at La Villette in Paris.



In a very original presentation, the Grand Hall of La Villette opens its doors to Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) with a musical immersive exhibition. This not-to-miss event plunges the viewer into 2000m2 of prolific projections of the artist’s paintings and letters with dizzying dimensions. A massive installation of projectors and speakers creates a phenomenal audio-visual journey made possible by cutting-edge technological equipment.

This incredible exhibition/scenography is the creation and the collaboration of Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron.



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Bomboland is an Italian duet composed of Maurizio and his partner Elisa. Their secret lies in the paper-cut as well as their mastery of digital technology.

The studio works both on publishing and advertising projects and has illustrated magazines, newspaper, children books and collaborated with several agencies to create advertising campaigns.





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John Lockwood Kipling

The 19th century Arts and Crafts revival in British India is a fascinating chapter in the international history of art and design. However, John Lockwood Kipling’s career as designer and architectural sculptor, curator and educator, illustrator and journalist, has received little attention.

Lockwood Kipling started his career as an architectural sculptor at the South Kensington Museum (later renamed the Victoria and Albert Museum) in 1861. He then spent a decade teaching at the Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy School of Art in Mumbai, and a further eighteen years as Principal of the Mayo School of Industrial Arts in Lahore (today Pakistan’s National College of Arts) and Curator of the Lahore Museum.

Away from the daily routine of art school and museum, Lockwood Kipling was a prolific journalist. From his arrival in India in 1865 to his retirement in 1893, he used his newspaper columns to develop his views on society and politics, art school education, museology, curatorship and design practice.


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