Bomboland is an Italian duet composed of Maurizio and his partner Elisa. Their secret lies in the paper-cut as well as their mastery of digital technology.

The studio works both on publishing and advertising projects and has illustrated magazines, newspaper, children books and collaborated with several agencies to create advertising campaigns.





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John Lockwood Kipling

The 19th century Arts and Crafts revival in British India is a fascinating chapter in the international history of art and design. However, John Lockwood Kipling’s career as designer and architectural sculptor, curator and educator, illustrator and journalist, has received little attention.

Lockwood Kipling started his career as an architectural sculptor at the South Kensington Museum (later renamed the Victoria and Albert Museum) in 1861. He then spent a decade teaching at the Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy School of Art in Mumbai, and a further eighteen years as Principal of the Mayo School of Industrial Arts in Lahore (today Pakistan’s National College of Arts) and Curator of the Lahore Museum.

Away from the daily routine of art school and museum, Lockwood Kipling was a prolific journalist. From his arrival in India in 1865 to his retirement in 1893, he used his newspaper columns to develop his views on society and politics, art school education, museology, curatorship and design practice.


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Exercise: Identifying tools and materials

I am interested in collage and digital collage so I thought I would focus on illustrators working with these medias.

I selected 2 artists.

Below is their biography and some of their portfolios :

Vicky Scott


Growing up in West London ,Victoria Scott was always drawing and making things as a child, and knew from an early age that she wanted to be an illustrator.
Her influences come from the early 20th century, such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau, but she also enjoys a bit of 60s psychedelia.


Vicky went to the Wimbledon School of Art and Design for foundation, and then went to the University of Brighton to gain a BA in Illustration.


All of Vicky’s illustrations are created as handmade paper collages. She follows a fairly complex process that involves sketching, then planning the piece on her computer in Photoshop. She then prints it out, traces it and uses the tracings to cut out her paper shapes, which are then assembled and glued into place.


Gail Armstrong


Gail Armstrong has been creating paper sculptures for over 20 years. She finds inspiration in contemporary art .

Gail did her foundation course at Sheffield Polytechnic before gaining both a BA and Post Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration at Glasgow School of Art. She began her career in graphic design, gradually accepting more and more illustration commissions and perfecting her paper crafting skills.


Though finally rendered in pieces of paper that have been carefully cut and glued together, each image Gail creates begins as a series of drawings. As she explores the composition and various concepts, she focuses on creating something that has both style and substance to it. The result is usually a photograph of her artwork, which viewers love to see more than once, poring over the textures, colors and patterns in the final construction.


Paper may seem flat to most of us, but Gail sees in it the potential to create new worlds with their own look and feel. Simple sheets are manipulated and transformed into 3D sculptures.




David Mold, L. (2017). Victoria Scott, Collage Illustrator for editorial & advertising. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 May 2017].



Entangled : Threads-making

Turner Contemporary

Sat 28 Jan – Sun 7 May 2017


Entangled: Threads & Making is a major exhibition of sculpture, installation, tapestry, textiles and jewellery from the early 20th century to the present day. It features over 40 international female artists who expand the possibilities of embroidery, weaving, sewing and wood carving, often incorporating unexpected materials such as plants, clothing, hair and bird quills.

The exhibition brings together artists from different generations and cultures who challenge established categories of craft, design and fine art, and who share a fascination with the handmade and the processes of making itself.C

Exercise : Reading an image


Content :

  • Dragon
  • Chair
  • Treasure
  • 2 kids with a torch
  • Cavern
  • Some weapons

What is the image about ? What is it saying ?

  • The dragon is sleeping but he is protecting the treasure.
  • The chair suggests that there is a King / Queen / Master of the dragon and owner of the treasure
  • The kids have entered the cavern and they know the dragon could stop them from approaching too close.

Work out the narrative and identify the story :

  • This is an adventure story and probably a children book.
  • The 2 kids are probably supposed to get something in this cavern, maybe something in the treasure and they are scared but they know they have no other choice than approaching the dragon and take what they need.
  • The kid holding the torch is very determined while his friend is trying to convince him to get out of there.

Palette and tonal range :

  • The main character ( dragon ) is red. Red attracts the eye.
  • The blue tones at the front left corner suggest darkness and shadow, as well as the whole part behind the dragon.
  • Warm red/orange tones around the kids, also to attract the eye on the kids.